The Kitten's Got Cream

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Enjoy Coffee Magic's delicious Heypresso Coffee, a blend of Colombian, Guatemalan and Ethiopian beans. Or if it's decaf for you, then enjoy the sweet, bright and smooth taste of Honduras, Peru and El Salvador beans.

Espresso: £1.30
Espresso Macchiato: £1.50
Americano: £1.80
Café Latte: £2.00
Cappuccino: £2.00
Flat White: £2.00
Mocha: £2.10
Extra shot of coffee: 30p

Iced Coffee; Coffee Magic's Norfolk blend of beans from Costa Rica, Guatemala, Brazil and Sumatra, flash brewed with milk on the side: £2.20

Syrup (Vanilla, Caramel, Chocolate, Gingerbread or Mint): 30p


We have a variety of Teapigs' teas. Teapigs only use real, whole leaf, tea to get the best flavour. All our teas are available hot or iced, and lemon and honey are available with tea if you want them, just ask!

Pot for one: £1.80
Pot for two: £3.50
Iced jug: £2.00

Everyday Brew; Darjeeling Earl Grey; Earl Grey Strong; Chai; Darjeeling; Chocolate Flake; Rooibos; Rooibos Crème Caramel; Spiced Winter Red; Mao Feng Green; Jasmine Pearls; Ting Tung Oolong; Silver Tips White; Peppermint Leaves; Superfruit; Lemon and Ginger; Chamomile Flowers;

Real Chai Latte: £2.00
Fancy experimenting? Try one of our other teas as a Latte!

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate, plain and simple: £2.00

Chococcino: Extra concentrated hot chocolate with a shot of chocolate syrup, topped up with foamy milk and dusted with chocolate powder: £2.20

Millionaires Hot Chocolate: Hot chocolate with a shot of caramel syrup, topped with whipped cream and served with a slice of our homemade shortbread: £2.80

Real Chai Chocolate: Our Real Chai Latte made with hot chocolate instead of milk, and sprinkled with chocolate or cinnamon or both!: £2.50

Add Whipped Cream: 30p
Add Homemade Marshmallows: 30p

Other Hot Drinks

Hot milk: £1.70
Why not try a hot chocolate or hot milk with a syrup?

Cold Drinks

Coffee Magic's Norfolk Blend coffee, iced: £2.20
Any of our selection of teas, iced: £2.00
Orange Juice (with or without bits): £1.30
Local pressed apple juice from the East Norfolk Trading Company: £1.30
Cans (Sprite; Fanta; Coke; Diet Coke;): 80p


Please feel free to browse today's selection of delicious handmade cakes and treats on the counter. They're all made fresh, here, by us, to our own secret recipes! Please let us know when you order if you have any special dietary requirements.

Cream Tea: a pot of tea of your choice and a fruit scone with clotted cream, butter and our own homemade jam!: £4.50

Pancakes: good old fashioned English pancakes served how you want. The traditional way with lemon and sugar, or something more adventurous!: From £2.00

Bacon Cheese Scone: two rashers of our delicious local bacon served inside one of our hot, buttered, cheese scones: £3.00
Add cheese: 60p

Hot, freshly baked, crusty white or seeded brown roll filled how you want it. Add butter, salad and sauces free of charge to make it your own. Fillings: Local Bacon from Nunn's farm in North Lopham; Mature Cheddar Cheese; Honey Roast Ham; Tuna (with or without mayonnaise);

Bacon Roll: £3.30
Cheese, Ham or Tuna Roll: £2.90

Additional fillings (each):
Bacon: £1.00
Cheese, Ham or Tuna: 60p

(Winter months only) Soup, served with a hot crusty roll and butter, made fresh here every day using delicious fresh local ingredients all from our wonderful St. Benedict's Food Store. See blackboard for today's soup: £3.50