The Kitten's Got Cream

Step away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre and take a wander down the beautiful St Benedict's Street where there are treasures to be found. Nestled amoung the eclectic independent shops is a curious and quaint coffee shop called
The Kitten's Got Cream.
Opening Hours: Tuesday - Saturday: 10:30 - 3:30

We are a small, family run coffee shop, with a BIG focus on cake! The Kitten's Got Cream has been a lifelong dream for Sam, aka The Kitten. A dream of a cute little shop filled with tea and coffee and cake where people would come together and have a good time. A place where good, simple food would make people smile and spark conversations. A place to be happy.

"Amazing!", "Best I have ever had!" and "Like eating summer in a light and fluffy bun" are just a few of the comments we've had about our excellent cakes. We pride ourselves on having exceptionally high standards across the board. This means that even the smallest details are important to us, and that nothing goes out until we're happy with it.

So what makes us so good?

Our recipes are all written by us or passed down through the family (and tweaked along the way). This means that everything you buy from The Kitten's Got Cream's range of sweet goodies is totally unique. We also understand that even with the same recipe, two different people can produce two totally different things. We work very hard to write recipes and train our bakers to produce the same results but, just in case, everything is quality checked by The Kitten.

Great ingredients are one of the most important things when it comes to great food. All our ingredients are top quality, plus we source as much as we can locally because we believe in supporting local people.

We understand that baking is a scientific art. To us, this means that we can never stop learning, and we make an effort every day to make our food just a little bit better. But it also means that every morsel must be made with love. It's the people we are that makes the food so good.

Food ought to look as good as it tastes. We've invested a lot to make sure that when they reach you, our cakes and bakes look incredible! If you're not happy with how it looks, we'll do everything we can to fix that.

But what would a place like The Kitten's Got Cream be without incredible tea and coffee? Thats why we take our hot drinks as seriously as we take our cakes.

The outstanding Teapigs supply our range of teas. We think that with their delicious blends, their excellent standards, and their whole leaf teas they make the perfect complement to our cakes. With a range of over 15 teas, we have a tea to suit everyone. Whether you want a good old fashioned everyday tea, a delicate Darjeeling tea, or a refreshing Green tea, we have a tea for you. Why not spend some time with us, trying them all? Or if you're feeling really adventurous throw in a few together - we love to experiment!

Our excellent coffee is blended and roasted with passion and a little bit of magic, in Attleborough by the excellent Coffee Magic. Their Heypresso blend of Colombian, Guatamalan and Ethiopian beans is specially designed for espresso machines and is an outstanding coffee. We also stock their delightful decaf coffee, filled with the sweet, bright and smooth taste of Honduras, Peru and El Salvador beans, and their very special Norfolk Blend of beans from Costa Rica, Guatemala, Brazil and Sumatra, which we serve flash brewed over ice all year round!

Of course not everyone has a sweet tooth! We understand that some people just prefer to have a savoury bite. If you're looking for a place to lunch then look no further. We have a range of light lunch items from our iconic bacon cheese scone with our delicious local bacon, a selection of hot crusty filled rolls and a soup of the day in winter. Come along for a quiet lunch, or bring the whole family!

Buying local produce is very important to us. East Anglia has so much to offer in the way of excellent, locally produced foods and we should take advantage of that! We feel that supporting small local businesses is the only way to take our economy forwards, and we are all responsible for that. Dealing with local people means we get the best quality ingredients, and the best quality ingredients make the best products! Plus buying locally reduces the distance things have to travel and so it's better for the environment too!

We get all our fresh fruit and veg from the wonderful St. Benedict's Food Store directly across the road, our delicious bacon comes straight from Nunns farm in North Lopham, and our delicious apple juice comes from the East Norfolk Trading Company. Other products we source locally include Marriages flour, Marybelle milk, Havensfield eggs, and Coffee Magic coffee. We also always buy British sugar when possible. Why not come along and taste a bit of all local deliciousness!?

We welcome well behaved dogs in our shop, and in hot weather we keep a water bowl outside for them.

We can be found in the Spree book, so grab your voucher, grab a friend and we look forward to seeing you!